Every year, UCC assists start-ups and non-profit organizations with solving various business problems.

With members spanning across 5+ majors, UCC has the unique ability to work on projects ranging from marketing and strategy to technology and digital transformation.

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Apply for Probono Project

UCC is always open to working with start-ups, non-profits, and other organizations on probono consulting engagements. To apply, email us at with a description of your organization and a short list of potential projects. The scope / timeline definition stage will begin when the application is received.


Scope / Timeline Definition

UCC representatives will work with you to outline the scope of work and milestones for each deliverable to ensure that the project can be completed in a timely, professional manner. During this stage, UCC may be in contact with multiple organizations; the project work begins in September once members have returned to campus.


Project Delivery

A dedicated team of UCC consultants will work on the project as defined in scope according to the established timeline, with weekly meetings and demos of progress. UCC prioritizes client satisfaction and professionalism above all else.


Extension / Reflection

Although most projects are run in the Fall semester, UCC often extends projects into the Spring semester. As a student organization, UCC values clients' feedback and would love to have a conversation regarding the engagement.

Current Projects

The club is currently not working on any projects. Work with us!

Past Projects


Hoot is an e-commerce start-up under the Pittsburgh Fellows program designed to help homeschooling families buy and sell used books, curricula and other education materials directly from other families.

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UCC conducted market research and designed customer research strategy for Pittsburgh robotic startup Platypus, LLC. The team worked with the company to build a formal U.S. marketing and sales handbook, and a Netherlands-based incubator to build a Netherlands handbook.

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The Education Partnership

The Education Partnership is a non-profit organization that provides school supplies for 45K students in 110 low-income schools in southwestern PA.

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Your Local Cousin

Your Local Cousin is a travel startup based in New York that connects potential clients with indigenous natives to provide either remote or in-person tourism consulting services.

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